What’s so special about The No-Hole Hook?

Wherever there’s a horizontal seam in your siding you have the opportunity to decorate with the original No-Hole Hook. Get tired of something in one place? Just Click-Hook-Hang, and your decorative item has been moved. Read more about the No-Hole Hook.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tested our hooks on many different types of vinyl siding, so far so good!

We recommend that nothing more than five to six pounds be used with our No-Hole Hook, due to the possibility of warping or pulling the vinyl on your home.

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No. Once it’s in place, not much of it shows.

Stainless steel.

They last until you lose them!

There is no warranty for the No-Hole Hook. The stainless steel can be outside and rest assured that it won’t rust or tarnish. Please email us at sales@noholehook.com for further information.

Yes it does. Dutch lap vinyl siding is the original siding that it was made for.

They are made and tested for vinyl siding only. We cannot guarantee that it will work for steel or aluminum siding.

All orders are processed within 24-48 hours to ship, and sent via USPS.

For refunds and returns, please email us at sales@noholehook.com

You can. If the item is a little bit over the weight limit, you can spread them out a few inches apart. The weight restriction isn’t the hook, but rather the vinyl siding, without damaging the siding itself.

We are located in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Our JMT No-Hole Hooks are made right here in New England.

Yes, we ship to Canada.

All styles of the No-Hole Hook are the same size. The Low Profile Hook with Screw is ¾” long after installed. The screw itself is 8/32” x ½”.

The original No-Hole Hook is for your vinyl siding and vinyl soffit on the outside of your home.

Four Styles to Choose From

The No-Hole Hook. Simple to use, easy to remove and relocate. Stainless steel — will not rust or stain your siding.


The Original Hook


  • Welcome Signs
  • Garland
  • Birthday decorations
  • Decorative Wreaths
  • Hanging Crafts
  • Holiday decorations
  • Seasonal decorations
original-no-hole-hook low profile hook inset

The Low Profile Hook


  • Welcome Signs
  • Festive Banners
  • Decorative Wreaths
  • Thermometers
  • Hanging Crafts
  • Holiday decor
original-no-hole-hook low profile hook with screwinset

Low Profile Hook w/Screw


  • Security Cameras
  • Address or Name Plaques
  • Thermometers 
  • Hanging Crafts
  • Any Item with a Keyhole Opening
  • Any Item with Holes for Mounting
original-no-hole-hook soffit hook inset

The Soffit Hook


  • Wind Chimes
  • Bird Feeders
  • Hanging Crafts

Not for potted plants

JMT Manufacturing, LLC.

The Original No-Hole Hook

Proudly Made in the USA Since 2006.