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A hammer, nail, and a wreath to be hung:
Creating the No-Hole Hook

“Thank you for the amazing No-Hole Hook. My new favorite find! Looking forward to putting things on our vinyl sided home without damaging it!”
– Lucinda

Owners Lisa and John of JMT Manufacturing were on a mission to solve every vinyl-sided homeowner’s problem: to hang decorative items without damaging the integrity of their home.

Lisa loves to decorate their home with seasonal decorations, wreaths, and various items which can be displayed outside. The initial motivation was a woman with a hammer, nail, and a wreath to be hung.

And from there, the No-Hole Hook was born. 

Over the years, John and Lisa finessed and perfected the No-Hole Hook, which is now available in four different styles: The Original No-Hole Hook, The Soffit HookThe Low Profile Hook, and The Low Profile Hook with Screw.

The No-Hole Hook works effortlessly, doesn’t damage siding, will hold 5-6 pounds, and gives the homeowner exceptional flexibility in decorating. Wherever there’s a horizontal seam in your siding you have the opportunity to decorate. Get tired of something in one place? Just Click-Hook-Hang, and your decorative item has been moved.

JMT Manufacturing LLC was founded in 2006 in North Carolina, and is currently located in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. JMT Manufacturing LLC currently has over 250 vendors in the United States and Canada.

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The USA-made, original No-Hole Hook. Simple to use, easy to remove and relocate. Stainless steel – will not rust or stain your siding.

Click close-up of no-hole hook by JMT Manufacturing


Hook: close-up of no-hole hook by JMT Manufacturing


Hang: close-up of no-hole hook by JMT Manufacturing


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