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JMT Manufacturing was founded in 2006 in Fletcher, NC.  We are now located in Longmeadow, MA

 Our Mission,  was to design a way to decorate our new vinyl sided homes without damaging our new siding. The initial motivation was a woman with a hammer, nail, and a wreath to be hung. The result of our effort,
The No-Hole Hook

Now available in four styles, THE NO-HOLE HOOK, allows homeowners to hang decorative items on their home without damaging their vinyl siding.

We have been selling the hook since 2006, and have had excellent customer response. We now have vendors in 22 states and Canada. 

THE NO- HOLE HOOK works effortlessly, doesn't damage siding, will hold 5-6 pounds and gives the homeowner exceptional flexibility in decorating. Wherever there's a horizontal seam in your siding you have the opportunity to decorate. Get tired of something in one place, just Click-Hook-Hang, and your decorative item has been moved.

The Low Profile Hook
The Original No-Hole Hook

Low Profile Hook with Screw